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  • Staub 3.5 Qt Orange Pumpkin Pot
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3.5 Qrt - 9.5" Orange Pumpkin Pot - The Staub 3.5 Quart Pumpkin Dutch Oven is perfect for serving your hearty soups and stews during those chilly fall months. The incredible heat retention and even heat diffusion gives your food consistent texture and taste in every bite. Special spikes on the under-side of the lid aid in continuous, natural basting and produce flavorful foods. The extra-heavy lid fits tightly and seals in moisture for juicy and tender results. Staub's innovative multi-coat enamel is indestructible, it will never chip or discolor, keeping your sure-to-be family heirloom looking like new after every use. Can use on all cooktops including induction and oven safe. Made in France by Staub with a lifetime warranty. Dimensions: 9.5" (24cm ) x 3.5" (10cm )

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Staub 3.5 Qt Orange Pumpkin Pot

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